My experience at the last Evening of Awakening was wonderful. I had a moment where I was partnered with a man I did not know. Normally, I would have felt vulnerable, exposed, susceptible to danger. However this time, I felt so safe, so open in my entire being. My body felt so safe with this man, and I had never felt that way ever in my life. It was just so amazing that feeling this safe is actually possible. I'm so excited to explore more.


*******Last night was a revelation. I see what is possible within my relationships and interactions. I want more. One truly remarkable thing that I experienced was when I got home and went to sleep. I woke up at 3:17 AM and I was literally vibrating. I can't say that I woke up, but I was absolutely conscious. It's difficult to describe, I almost can't find the words. Thank you for all you do.

********Every time we attend an event with you we fall in love all over again.

& Dennis

Lee and I needed something MORE in our relationship…and you gave to us a wonderful gift that we can use…We look forward to working with both you and Martin as we both know that this just touched the tip of our potential.
I was anxious about attending my first-ever Tantric event. I didn’t know how my issues would surface–issues that felt raw from a deeply difficult relationship journey in 2010 that took roots from childhood and even into more ancient memories.
I was prepared for my pain-body to take the ropes, but to my surprise, I sat beautifully with my whole Self, who felt comfortable with each man I sat across and practiced with. Perhaps it was because I felt empowered from the outset with Charu’s gentle guidance and reassurance that I could participate to whatever degree I wanted. No pressure. And with the beautiful music and soft lights soothing me, I glided into my center, sitting like a mountain, and perceived each partner with awareness of their Pure Self. I was amazed. I appreciated that no intimacy I extended or received was about a carrot for something more. There were no strings attached.
I felt deeply safe for the first time. In that safety and power of soul-to-soul connection, I felt my energies that normally would get scattered outward grow stronger within my own Self. My heart was so happy; it was so clear love was moving around inside me, not fear.
Since the puja, I can see that my emotional and mental bodies are applauding the work the most, not really my sex center. My power and self-esteem is coming into alignment, heading me toward great sex when I’m ready. I expect with more tantric work, pain will come up for release, but I now know there is safety for this, and that I am whole and can experience love within myself and with my partners with Charu as the guide.
What an AMAZING evening..we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!
~ Catherine
What I came away with from the evening of Awakening was a new…not renewed, sense of care that I can bring to myself and to any new relationship now. I love the sacredness and honesty in which you dance your dance:) Mucho Love,
Dear Charu,
Your honesty is so appreciated and gives others permission to be equally as vunerable. During your puja Saturday night I felt so grounded and energetically ecstatic only to find that flipping on me a few hours later and driving home in tears feeling so inadequate, contracted and fearful of intimacy. I had to really sit on observance of those … See Morefeelings and understand the roots of them Sunday so that I could continue weeding the behaviours that no longer serve me out of my consciousness.
It’s one of the things I love about your pujas – in expanding ourselves so wide open it allows for old stuff to bubble up so we can process and clear it. That you for creating such a beautiful womb of love and safety in which to do this work.

Firstly I wanted to say thank you for an amazing and changing experience. After the event I felt revitalized. I found a new understanding of myself and I can now carry the strength and determination in beginning to know who I am and how I present myself. Being a man who loves all things in the subject of spiritual awakening, I found this class and philosophy to hold the most profound thought that I have experienced. This class taught me my place; how I should carry myself. I was introduced to the language without words. I tasted the nectar of love and desire more. I have signed up via the internet for your weekend experience and absolutely look forward to a new beginning in practice and absorption. Thank you again for a life changing experience.
~Michael C.
Although most people know Tantra as a great way to connect sexually, it is so more than this. To limit it to sex alone is to negate everything else I’ve learned thus far. Let me preface by saying, I am not an expert by any means. I’ve only been to 5 of your puja rituals and have supplemented my study with some Kundalini classes whenever I can. Remarkably enough I am not the same man that walked into your studio 5 months ago. As you’ve taught me all of our energy comes from the same place as our sexuality. I have experienced a greater curiosity about the people I come into contact with every day. My intuition in regards to what is happening around me is heightened and people have told me they feel much more at ease around me. Thanks for all that you do.
Well what can i say , im in awe of you and Tantra. as I knew I would be. However, you exceeded my expectations. but the evening was very powerful and the crowd you attract was delightful and I felt very safe. I learned alot about myself as well. I have never felt more balanced and open and aware as I did the next day and so far today too. I look forward to more and more! Thank you.
Such powerful clearing and heart opening for me. I had a rough week (divorce mediation after 3 years of being separated) and my heart could not have been more closed off. That is why my one word summary for the evening was HOPE. I KNOW I can love again, and share, and dance and bathe in the light of the Divine Feminine once more. So, thank you.
I want to thank you for creating and holding such a loving and sacred space each month. I was feeling anxious about going as I was feeling vulnerable and exposed. I took myself in hand and put on my big girl panties, and low and behold, Spirit was right there to meet me! I received such a deep wellspring of love, leaving me filled with reverence for my connection to every individual I met.
So often I find that for many of us, it is just in theory that we are all one within the quantum dynamic of our universe. During the Puja, I was able to embody the truth of that statement. I cherish those moments when all that I am sits before me with such gentleness and love.
~ Jennifer

Hi Charu, Thank you so much for Saturday. It was a wonderful experience. I was actually very nervous coming to this Evening of Awakening because i didn’t know exactly what i was getting myself into but it was a great way to introduce me to Tantra. It just made me want to look into it further. I have had a lot of issues with self love and been asleep for many years and you have opened up a door to an exciting journey that i am ready to take. I want to be able to love myself regardless of what is going on in my life and to be truly happy, and from what i saw saturday and talked to people, this could be the way to show me and teach me how to do that. I have issues with trusting men and on Saturday u showed me what it is like to trust someone again. Was really great and i am definitely going to come to the Awaken Weekend. Thank you and much love,
~Aurailia Arnold
Dear Charu, I just wanted to let you know how healing the Puja was last night for me. Reassurance …that’s a good word. It was Magic, which was the word I used to describe it last night.
I was a bit nervous being in the singles group..taking my first Tantric exploration EVER (without much background nerd readups)…knowing i was going to work with 12 men…12 men I don’t know…it was brave and a little nervy/scary. I haven’t been around that many nice men in my life …and I was the girl who wrote you about being sexually assaulted a few weeks ago. I thought “Well, I can say No at any point.”
…..But was was truly amazing…is that NONE of the men were out of line…or made me feel weird. It was a Safe Zone. And it was TOTALLY NEW to have that with a man. Even in exercises…i’ve NEVER been treated that way. And it’s astonishing that I haven’t …and I’m sure lots of other people haven’t . That’s why it’s so important that you do what you do.
“If you build it they will come” …right. And You built it. And people show up. And regardless of all the things that are being suggested to me to heal…or get healing…the most effective thing has been your Puja. To reaffirm that, Yes …a Safe Place does exist between a male and a female. A physical safe place. An emtional safe place. A soul safe place. Being bold and curious will get us to the workshop…but having the experience that followed…well, I’m glad I was brave. And risked it. Dove in. And that……. Dear Charu…NO ONE had been able to give. The Puja was truly a doorwary and a gift of my lifetime so far.
I purchased the Home Study Course before I showed up….I knew that I would want to do it. And now I’m SURE that I will continue the practice in my life…for my life’s sake.
Thank You from the Wholeness of my Heart.